Benefits of joining MOPS:
•        All the great things you get from MOPS International
•        2 meetings a month with a focus on growing as a mother, wife and Christian.
•        Creative activities
•        Wonderful food and fellowship at each meeting
•        Awesome and inspiring guest speakers
•        A mentor mom at each table gives us a wonderful perspective and insight into
all stages of motherhood
•        Life-long relationships for you and your little one
•        Monthly group play dates
•        5 star child care in the nursery
•        A feeling of connection and the satisfaction with knowing that you are not
Why Join MOPS?

If you are a mom who…

  • is pregnant or has
    a child, newborn
    thru kindergarten...
  • desires to make
    new friends...
  • wants to share the
    challenges & joys
    of  motherhood...
  • is looking for
    opportunities for
    personal growth
    through trusted
Then YES!
MOPS is for you!
Is Mothers of
right for you?
Joining your local MOPS also gets you membership to
MOPS International!
Check them out at by clicking the information below!